What is floating?

Floating occurs in a flotation (sensory deprivation) tank. The tank is 7’ by 4’ filled with 10” of water and 800 lbs. of Epsom salt heated to approximately 93.5◦, your natural skin temperature. This eliminates light, sound, gravity and temperature from the body giving you total freedom to let go.

How does it work?

In the float tank, the salt reduces the effects of gravity by allowing the body to float, giving you energy to repair. Epsom salt also reduces swelling and blood pressure, increases body circulation by 80-90 %, mineralizes the skin, balances pH, decreases lactic acid and increases production of endorphins. This increase in endorphins helps anxiety, fear and depression.

Inventor of the sensory deprivation tanks, John Lilly, speaks of some of his experiences in the book “Tanks for the Memories: Floatation Tank Talks”

“All the average person has to do is to get into the tank in the darkness and silence and float around until he realizes he is programming everything that is happening inside his head. Your are free of the physical world at that point and anything can happen inside your head because everything is governed by the laws of thought rather than the laws of the external world. So you can go to the limits of your conceptions. When you are floating in the tank your are certain of the reality of what you are experiencing.”