Community Offerings

We are a community resource center and provide relaxation and health services.Our nearby neighbors within 2-3 blocks of our center receive 20% off all our regularly priced services and 10% off all of our discounted membership plans.

Everyone who bikes or buses to our center receives 10% off all of our regular priced services.

Close by neighbors can come to our monthly community day on us.

Our meeting room space is available at no charge for community events and often for other non-profit events.

Our houses are devoted to classes, lecture and discussion use, massage therapy, counseling, wellness services, relaxation quiet and meditation areas, reading areas, wifi hot spots, kitchens and offices. Club members may enjoy our meditative grounds, have personal or guided herb walks, enjoy hot tea or a wellness drink, partake in healing sessions, or utilize our hot tub and or sauna facilities, samadhi floatation tanks for introspection and meditation as part of a personally developed relaxation program, or as part of a program established by a physician or therapist. Our center also includes offices for consultants for health and wellness as well as quiet areas for meditative introspection. We are an alternative-type community center with a focus on healing and optimum wellness in a natural environment. We are a part of the Kerns neighborhood and strive to help out our neighbors as well as offer our services on a free or discounted basis to neighbors in need. We often make donations to charities that our neighbors support including school and food banks. Our meetings rooms are offered free of charge to any nearby neighbor wishing to have a meeting regarding any neighborhood matters or discounted for other purposes.